Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Skeletons: Early Songs: Late 80s Demos: Nothing to Do with You

Here's a jaunty nugget unearthed and presented by Steve Smith who was a member and indeed the singer of the initial MM line up. The sweet smell of the 80's; you can tell that we'd been listening to Prefab Sprout; this features a key change and a fade. Popfantastic! Miracle Mile have always rocked gently but if you listen closely, in amongst the gated drums and Thomas Dolby keyboards of 'Nothing to Do with You', you can hear my guitar feeding back. I can still smell my old leather pants... I love the way Steve effortlessly rhymes 'camera' with 'barrier'.
I have a DAT in the attic with a tape stuck in the machine. If I can release the songs/demos from that digital dungeon I'll share them with you. Brace yourselves...

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  1. Really enjoying these early songs you're posting.They should have been hits.
    Tel Aviv