Monday, 3 October 2011

Skeletons: Cover Story (Bless This Ship)

This was recently brought to my attention on the web; a signed copy of the 'Bless This Ship' single (vinyl 7"). Signed by Steve Smith (left) me (apparently) and Phil Sands (right), plus soundman George... but that's not my signiture (bottom right).
Who and why?
The plot thickens...
By the way, if you'd like a copy of the single just email me at and I'll keep sending until the dusty box is empty...


  1. You were replaced by a doppelganger after you had a bizarre gardening accident!. You are in fact Ken Stott of Wolverhampton, who bears more than a passing resemlance to Trevor Jones. The real Trevor Jones opened a rustic bread shop in Guatemala, and lives peacefully with his wife 'Betty and there 17 children........mystery solved!!!...erm!!!!!

  2. You're closer than you think; although Betty is in fact my mother...