Saturday, 8 October 2011

Skeletons: Early Songs: Early 90s Demos: Showboat Sam and the Mystery Man

'Bluer Skies Than This' was a collection of recordings that were never meant for release; it's function was to get us gigs and possibly a deal in the days when we were tempted to do the corporate dance. 
Of its ten tracks three went on to feature on 'Bicycle Thieves' (Bluer Skies/Whiskey Kisses/The Killing Time) and one finally made it onto 'Candids' (Shoot the Moon). Please remember that this was the late 80s so the production values are of that time; DX7s and chorus pedals ruled the day. There's a whiff of Deacon Blue about a lot of this; I was quite taken with the band after seeing them support The Bible in some east London church, and had their debut 'Raintown' on permanently. 
This first offering is 'Showboat Sam and the Mystery Man'
Showboat Sam?
Who's he? 
Why, he's the devil and the deep blue sea.
And the mystery man?
 Ask my analyst...


  1. Loved Deacon Blue and saw them perform several times, from the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden to the Hammersmith Odeon. Chocolate Girl was a stunner. And then The Bible. Again, saw them numerous times. Couldn't get enough of Mahalia and Honey be Good.
    Two good bands from which to be influenced for sure.

  2. I might well have been at that Mean Fidler gig Selyna. They were a great live band in those days.
    Best DB gig was at the Town and Country in Kentish Town at the time of there 2nd album. I've been a bit disappointed with Ricky Ross's solo output; although really liked 'Pale Rider'...

  3. I definitely know that I was at the T&C in Kentish Town as that was just at the end of our road at the time. Also saw The Bible there supporting China Crisis.
    I agree. I saw Ricky at Potters Bar a few years back and it was good but not the same. For me is was the junxtaposition of Ricky's raspy voice with Lorraine McIntosh's beautiful tones that made them so special.