Monday, 10 October 2011

Skeletons: Cover Story (Glow)

We did an interview with Mark Edwards for the Sunday Times around the time of recording 'Glow' and got a free photo session out of it that produced images that went on to colour the cover.
He are some that didn't make it, plus the eventual cover and press release.
I've included the interview below (click on it to see it bigger) taken from Barry Cross's excellent fanzine 'Tune In'; more of which later.
I've posted the title track of 'Glow' here.


  1. Wonderful dramatic song with fantastic orchestration. I also like the images on your artwork. Who is your photographer?

  2. Thanks, I love the arrangement also, the intensity suits the subject matter; our hero on the brink of alcoholism...
    The images were taken by Di Holmes (photographer and girlfriend of 25 years) and the gent that the Sunday Times sent to do a session in support of an interview we did with the Sunday Times.
    I think that the artist Nick Reddyhoff did a great job with this.