Monday, 31 October 2011

Lovesong: Throw Your Arms Around Me by Mark Seymour

Having found out how to copy and post YouTube might be my downfall. I'm bog eyed with it so I'll lay off for a bit after this...
With my recent trawling of Neil Finn I did discover this song.
It's pretty meat and potatoes on the surface, but there's something within the song that transcends; elevates it to something close to classic.
Here is Neil Finns rendition of 'Throw Your Arms Around Me', then listen to the raw, powerful version by the song's writer Hunters & Collectors Mark Seymour who is incidentally brother of Nick Seymour, Crowded House's bassist. 
It's interesting how certain lines can entrance. 
"I will kiss you in four places" is both sexy and resonant...


  1. I wish I had sound on this antiquated work computer... will just have to wait until I get home.
    Thanks for a lovely day yesterday. The spin in your new car and the beautiful walk... my knee is feeling the strain.

  2. what were you doing on your knees?

  3. Ooh spooky. I've recently been reading 10 rules of rock and roll, a wonderful collection of articles by Robert Forster, formerly of the Go Betweens. That contains an article about Hunters and Collectors, which in turn inspired me to track down their music on Youtube. The first song I listened to was this.....................

  4. I certainly did. So much so that I bought the album "Human Frailty" on e-bay! Neil Finn's version is excellent too.