Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cliffe the Builder: Norbury Brook Studios: The build in pictures

It used to be that, when Marcus called, we'd chat for hours about music, wine and Leeds Utd.
These days he just bangs on (and on) about insulating tape and breeze blocks.
And floor boards...
Oh, and undercoat and rendering...
We're just about to move on to "rewiring and soundproofing"...
I might go ex-directory...
His main co-worker is a gent called Manu who's an interesting character; he produced all of Nena Cherry's big hits and was also responsible for Mark Morrison's 'Return of the Mac'.
Then Marcus brought in Jim Rattigan to plaster his walls. Jim is not only a skillful handyman, he also played french horn with the RPO before going all 'jazzchops' with the likes of Michael Brecker, Brad Meldau and the mighty Bill Frissell. We're hoping that Jim ends up playing on the new MM album, 'In Cassidy's Care'...
Meanwhile I was trying to contact Pete Beckmann who has mastered all of the MM and Jones albums.
He's working on a new project for me 'Ghost of Song' (more of that later).
Where was he?
He always answers his phone after two rings...
Here he is caught moonlighting (very bottom right)...

Below: Marcus and Manu (record producer and fellow worker)

Below: Jim Rittigan (Flugelhorn and Plaster)

Here's Pete Beckmann 'with wood' (bottom right), caught moonlighting. 
If you look closely his goggles are on upside down...


  1. Maybe they could build me a photography studio at the bottom of our garden... but then that would be our garden!

  2. Please don't mention Leeds after last nights disaster!
    Tel Aviv

  3. Ay up Phil, 'twasn't good was it.
    Should've held on to young Shmeichel...
    I've got a kid that I taught playing for them; Lloyd Sam. He scored in the first couple of games last season and they dropped him...

  4. Go Marcus and mates! Wondering why there are no photos of Mr. Jones getting his hands dirty... Cheer-leading?

    Tim in TO

  5. It's a question that does seem to hang in the air Tim.
    Let's just say that I let the blue collar boys get on with their stuff: I'm always available as an overseer... and it looks good to me from here.
    I'm afraid that I've inherited my dad's DIY gene (or lack of it)... so cheerleader? Yay, go Marcus!