Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Work in Progress. Norbury Brook gets its long trousers...

I loved the old Norbury Brook studio; home from home, it was a confusion of wires and guitars as you can see (right).
And that was the 'tidy corner'. 
And it was blue...

There was a cosy atmosphere and a champagne bar that was always open (witness the 2nd photo; featuring the scientist, the hunchback and the lovely Mr BJ Cole around the time of recording 'Glow'.)

Things are coming on apace with the new version.
Marcus is now on the interior design...
It's all very sleek.
Looks to me like the Star Ship Enterprise's flight deck has been re-imaged by MFI.
Whatever happened to desks that you could sniff cocaine off and shag on (or under)?
Where's the whiff of joss stick?
And where's the tape machine?
And the axes?
Christ, I bet there's even an espresso machine in the pool room.
There is a pool room, right, Marcus?

I'm imagining that Mr Cliffe will be wearing a black polo neck jumper for his first debut session; and he hates wearing black polo necks.
I once forced him to wear one for a photo shoot.
He wasn't happy.
I'll try and dig out a copy or two...


  1. Looking good! What a clever boy Mr Cliffe is.
    I only wish I could sing.

  2. I've heard you Di, I could make you a Star!!!!

    Trev, as the days go by the studio is getting more and more full of wires and crap! and less and less space.... the pool table has had to go I'm afraid... if only it could have stayed like the photo.

    Back to wiring, nothing like the smell of hot solder/flux first thing on a morning.


  3. I wondered when you were going to visit Mr Cliffe.
    Good to hear that you are cluttering; I'm feeling more at home already.
    And will there be hobnobs for tea?