Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Update: Eternal is the Warrior: Big Jackie Gone...

I'm tardy as ever.
Jackie Leven died last night.
The obituaries are already flooding in, proclaiming him that great unheralded talent; his passing makes him present.
It's a shame that it's death that makes these lost souls suddenly shine so brightly.
As one anonymous blogger put it:

"Oor Jackie was a marvellous man with a huge intellect - his passing is hugely sad and leaves a massive scotsman sized hole through which a lot of sorrow will fall. Jackie told me that good things come from sadness - I would hope that this sadness will raise some long missing awareness of such a unique guy. There are so many of his lyrics that are appropriate to mark him but 'Main Travelled Roads' final lines are possibly most appropriate: 
"Eternal is the warrior who finds beauty in his wounds"

Have a look at him playing King Tut's, June 7th this year.

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