Sunday, 13 November 2011

Toronto Tim Says: Paul Buchanan: Saturday Night/Happiness/Wish Me Well/New York Man/Garden of Love

My good (email) mate Tim Patrick (pictured here with his lovely Myrna) wrote from 'friggin freezing Toronto'. This was his response to one of the PB posts and I've tried to source everything he raved about.The only thing that I couldn't find was 'O Lolita'. Heads up anyone? This is also the first in a series 'Toronto Tim Says' that he doesn't yet know he's committed to. He may well resist but I think not; Tim is a generous soul with excellent taste and I'll throw these pages open to him once every four weeks or so for a timely trawl through his cultural month. He's put me on to much good stuff; I'm currently reading 'Carver's Country' a fabulous pictorial biog of Raymond Carver that landed in my post box (along with a few of his beloved and well chosen CDs) direct from Toronto Tim.
The internet can be a consumptive pain put it can also bring some good folk into your life...

"There really is a lot of great Blue Nile stuff on YouTube... I can't believe these guys suffered from stage-fright early on. There are 2 stunning in-concert HD videos posted by 'sayireland'... "Saturday Night" and "Happiness" (my favorite BN songs) that give me the chills. This is SOUL music!

Also, I'm not a big fan of Aqualung, but there is an gorgeous, haunting piece that Paul Buchanan sings on called "Garden Of Love" that blows me away. Strange and beautiful collaboration!

As well, there are 3 lovely songs from the hard to find "Happiness"(single) posted... "Wish Me Well", "O Lolita", and "New York Man" which I wish they had included on "Peace At Last". 

Tim (in frigging freezing Toronto)"


  1. Blimey! This is a surprise! I don't know if I'm worthy, but as long as you're the pilot Trev, I'll be pleased to contribute by being the chimp handing out peanuts to the passengers now and then...

    Thanks for posting the BN videos... they're pretty special to us. I don't know why you couldn't locate "O Lolita". Try "Lolita MrSherco12". Myrna has one of those slick Apple computers and I've noticed that searches aren't as extensive on it as my beloved ancient PC. For example, for the HD version of "Happiness" I had to type in "Blue Nile Happiness sayireland" in the search box.

    I was curious about your thoughts of "Garden Of Love"? Unusual song structure... Matt Hales sets it up, and Paul Buchanan launches it into orbit. A real grower for me!

    I can't get enough of the concert videos... Regardless of the quality, there is magic there. I just watched "Family Life"... where are the tissues? I'm envious of you folk who have had a chance to see them live!

    Lastly, I've gotta ask... favorite Blue Nile song(s) Trev?

    Toronto Tim

  2. Family Life, Saturday Night and Toledo at the moment; always changes.
    I saw the Family Life clip on the Cathedrals of Sound site tagged in my profile. Great site...
    Funny as I had Garden of Love ready to go as a future clip. Agree that there's something with Aqualung that doesn't quite click with me, although you do get the odd nugget. This one is a beauty.
    Thanks for taking the offer/challenge on the chin; I hoped you would.
    We can email and I'll set up links etc as oft as you like.
    I hope it could be monthly, pick a date ('Tim the 10th') and we'll make it fly.
    Speak soon,

  3. well that gave me somethign to do sunday morning - just posted o lolita up on the blog

    where to start with blu nile fav
    family life , regret , stay , she saw the world ..oh I give up

  4. She Saw the World on the iPod as I read you message; weird...
    'Regret' in it's own file as the only 'The' Blue Nile song...

  5. Ok, just listened to Garden of Love again.
    There is a difference in vocal intensity which might suggest why I like Aqualung but love PB.
    Ultimately it's about presence and, with the greatest respect to Matt, he is overshadowed by PB here. I hate to compare; it isn't a competition, but it's an interesting microcosm of sound & song.
    You instinctively know what you love,,,,
    Family Life just back on the iPod unheralded; this is getting weird.
    "wipe the tear from her face and the sound of his voice..."
    Agree that you cannot beat a sad song.