Monday, 14 November 2011

Mighbrow: Grace Note

Music (to quote the great John Miles) has always been my first love.
And, while there's a comfort to be taken from well loved songs, you cannot beat the moment when you first hear something you know will become a personal, future classic. 
I've thrown so much money at Amazon in search of such moments. 
The porkers far outweigh the pearls. 
Maybe I should learn how to 'eBay'. 
Is there still such a thing as a 'Car Boot Sale'?

Grace Note

Sometimes the space between notes
Can leave you teetering
On the edge of something holy

I never arrive where I hope to be led
But, on occasion, a half heard promise
Is repeated and I recognise a gift

The shock of the new is only bettered
When you get exactly what you were hoping for
What you needed to happen

So, I sit here on the edge of something sacred
The embellishment of desire
Scared to breathe should I miss
The whispered promise
Of a grace note


  1. For all the quite justified credo that John Peel gets, I discovered so much on the Annie Nightingale request show. Sun pm she would play lp tracks , 12"s , b sides etc whcih had my finger forever hovering over the cassette record button.
    This would often lead to blank looks on monday lunchtime in boots as I tried to buy what I'd heard the night before.

  2. Yup, it was Annie for me too. Those cassettes always made for quirky edits..