Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mighbrow: Tacit

I've just been visited by my parents Betty and Terry, who came to help celebrate my birthday.
I think that you can see the family resemblance, Di the obvious odd one out (nice teeth though.)
We opened Christmas presents. 
Di and mum baked sticky toffee pudding (which was like a couple of monkeys flying a space shuttle) while my Dad and I howled at the referees on TV (soccer and rugby); which was... like a couple of monkeys watching TV. 
They are hilarious are B&T; a bickering tour de force, that will some day be sorely missed. 
I thought that they looked a little tired until I realised that I hadn't seen them in over a year. 
Time flies for me; although I think the wheels spin slower for them. 
I must remember that...


I walk like you and bend like you
For you are my blood
Same arms
Same legs
Same lungs
Same sorrows

I will be you

When you falter and talk to shadows
Reaching for the voices
Of people long gone
I know that someday too
I will reach for your absent hand
And tell you
That I love you

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