Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lovesong: Paul Buchanan: Due North/Things That We Should Say

I've been looking for info' on Paul Buchanan and there are quite a few gems on You tube that are new to me. I'll start posting them here.
This is for those out there who miss the Blue Nile as much as I do.
These two are off the 2001 album by Quiet City ( Nigel Thomas) 'Public Face, Private Face'.


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  2. That's me... I'm missing The Blue Nile too. Thanks for the post and the lead. Have you heard of a female singer called Kina Grannis? I've just heard her sing 'Back to Us' and really liked her voice.

  3. Kinna Grannis sounds like a therapy class in an old folks home...

  4. Shame they had some amazing moments on CD, had the pleasure of watching Paul on the last tour which was a real highlight for me,I just wish we could hear all those abandoned songs they spent years recording.

  5. Geoff,
    'Abandoned Songs': that's my current crusade.
    I saw PB solo at Hammersmith, 4th row, stone cold brilliant.
    He played a song called 'Meanwhile' or 'Meantime' which had all of the old geezers around me (and this one) blubbering... hope he gets around to recording it.
    They're a contrary bunch by all accounts; maybe that accounts for the musical perfection and their tardy arses...

  6. There really is a lot of great Blue Nile stuff on YouTube... I can't believe these guys suffered from stage-fright early on. There are 2 stunning in-concert HD videos posted by 'sayireland'... "Saturday Night" and "Happiness" (my favorite BN songs) that give me the chills. This is SOUL music!

    Also, I'm not a big fan of Aqualung, but there is an gorgeous, haunting piece that Paul Buchanan sings on called "Garden Of Love" that blows me away. Strange and beautiful collaboration!

    As well, there are 3 lovely songs from the hard to find "Happiness"(single) posted... "Wish Me Well", "O Lolita", and "New York Man" which I wish they had included on "Peace At Last".

    Tim (in frigging freezing Toronto)

    PS: Trev... Nice MP3 link on earlier BN entry!