Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ghost of Song: Reviews: Jeremy Searle for 'americanaUK'

Perfect pop compilation from Miracle Mile man

Trevor Jones is half of Miracle Mile, makers of some the finest adult pop music you are ever likely to hear.
For the last three or four years they’ve been on a break (though there is talk of a new album later this year) and during that time Jones has released two solo albums, “Hopeland” in 2009 and “Keepers” in 2010. Both were among the finest released in their respective years and, while they retained that perfect pop from the Mile Jones extended himself into darker and deeper areas to great effect. This was particularly noticeable on “Hopeland”, whose songs were interspersed with spoken word pieces.
Unfortunately, as is the way with so much great music, critical acclaim doesn’t equate to commercial success, and beyond the cognoscenti they neither really sold. So what he’s done is take the best bits from both albums – songs only – and put them on this album. Which makes this, cliché be damned, one of the best records of the year already.
The ten songs, six from “Hopeland”, four from “Keepers”, are magnificent. Jones is a writer of rare insight, and he marries his thoughtful and intelligent lyrics to wonderful tunes. There really isn’t a standout, but “My Last And Latest Chance” and “Something Resembling Love” perhaps sneak slightly ahead of the rest, their tug on the heartstrings and the tear ducts being just that little bit stronger. Much music is good, solid, enjoyable, worthwhile. Very little music can truly change the listener. This album can.


Jeremy Searle

americanaUK (22/1/2012)

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