Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lovesong: Paul Buchanan/The Blue Nile: Two Children/Can't Get Over/The Wires Are Down/Seasons of Light/Silent Night

I'm starting to feel a bit like a 'virtual' stalker with all of these Buchanan/Blue Nile posts but, like many, I'm still buzzing with anticipation of PBs new album 'Mid Air'.
He's just posted this:

My sincere thanks to everyone who has ordered Mid Air on the website, and to everyone who has kindly contributed to the British Heart Foundation through the available link. I chose this charity because of the circumstances in which I lost a close friend, and every donation will hopefully help save other individuals and families from going through a similar experience. I am deeply touched, consoled and humbled by the generosity shown.
Thank you so much.

First up is another track from 'Mid Air': 'Two Children'.

Then there's a link that will play you a snippet of another rare (at least to me) song from The Blue Nile, click here: 'Can't Get Over'.
The second video, 'The Wires are Down' is also new to me.
It was a 'B' side from 'The Downtown Lights' apparently...
What with the tasters gifted us recently from 'Mid Air' it feels like Christmas has come early; with that in mind the third YouTube offering is 'Seasons of Light' which I'm told is from a Christmas album of the same name.
I cannot find trace of it anywhere...
To add to that frustration the final song is from the same album; a lovely take on 'Silent Night'.
It's enough to make me want to drink egg nog and hang my balls from a tree...


  1. Seasons Of Light here, Trevor:

    1. Thanks Daily Bear; a bit expensive to buy in the UK... was it an import?

  2. "Seasons" is a pretty tune any time of year. CD has been on my "wish list" awhile; but can't get by the hefty price tag.
    Still puzzled and a bit disappointed by the brevity of MidAir's new tracks... Am I the only one?

    1. Mmm, kind of with you there TT; I'm hoping that there will be some variation on the album.
      It's all beautiful stuff; not that I want tap dancing, but I'm wondering if the mood will sustain for 45 minutes... although grateful for anything from PB to be honest...

  3. I've got wires are down but not heard Cant Get Over before - so thanks for the link it is a great song

    Listening to some of the interviews PB keeps saying things like sketches of songs, fragments , etc so I think more than not they will be short pieces
    If you can track it down on iplayer - PB was interviewd on 6 music on the Stuart Maconie show one afternoon ( the joys of having my own office and being able to play the radio at work)

    I'm still following theis strange road of not listening to any of the new stuff until I can hear the lp in full (it is the new puritan in me)

    1. I think that your 'strange road' is maybe a good idea David; I'm finding that I've pre-judged and the brevity of it all is making me... grumpy. Not too sure why that is; maybe I was hoping for something more.... substantial. And yet quite often the sketches are more beautiful than the over painted final piece... I'm hoping that I can listen afresh... Christ, the man knows what he's doing...

  4. Ah, David you're a fount of knowledge! Actually, I imagine it's me making Trev grumpy... I've been dithering vainly to him for days.
    You mentioned the BBC interview, and I googled it but it's not available overseas. But I kept digging and found it on "Soundcloud" here...

    As I listened to the chat, my crustiness melted away; impressed and moved by Paul's charm, wit and humility. His explanation of the motives behind the "sketchy" nature of the album is getting me to reaccess my rush to judgement. I don't think I'm disciplined or patient enough anymore to follow Dave's "puritan" lead, but this may be an album that requires that approach. I was surprised when Maconie brought up a bunch of things that I'd yammered on about... Carver-school of minimalism, brevity as opposed to BN's more extended meditations, etc. Given BN's penchant for avoiding the press, I was surprised to see Paul out pitching, but he's a wonderful interview. Much better than the inferior yack with Jools, also posted on "soundcloud"...

    Thanks Dave for having the antennae up, sharing the great info and allowing me to give up the grumpy-bone!