Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lovesong: Thomas Dolby: 'Oceanea'

I never thought I'd love the sound of an auto tuner so much. This from Dolby's excellent new album 'A Map of the Floating City'. See also '17 Hills', 'Simone' and 'To the Lifeboats'.


  1. at first i wondered why he used it .. but then I realised it jsut added to slightly other worldy feel

    on a more depressing note my 10 yr old has discovered kiss fm which is the worst station ever , horrendous djs and every song auto tuned to the point of death
    it is that bad that the ads are a relief

    1. Hide the radio... or hang the DJ...

  2. Just saw Thomas on tour in Orlando 1 month ago.

    He was wonderful..just brilliant and engaged with the audience. A great show

  3. Listening to this and backtracking; I'd forgotten quite how much influence Dolby had on the 'Steve McQueen' arrangements.
    I love the way this album bursts into colour after the initial quirky tracks.

  4. Subtle & tasty use of normally despicable device...
    Nice photo... That's the wacky head-gear I told you to be careful not to accessorize with the Sprout T-shirt whilst in a dark alley!