Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lovesong: Peter Broderick:

If, like me, you enjoy reading about the stories behind the songs, you can't help but be beguiled by the latest release from Peter Broderick:
He's released a few albums, a couple of which I really like: 'Float' and 'Home' which were mainly instrumental.
Yup, the title of this new one is indeed a website and you can work through the tracks on the album by going to... erm...  whist reading the backstories....
If you only have time for a couple try: which is great fun, or which reminds me of Will Oldham.
Some folk say it's best to know nothing about the history of a song, that you might better invest it with your own impressions, making the song speak directly to you and for you. Sometimes the specifics of a song need to be known... I'm not sure when or where that might be, or what signposts are appropriate; should we not trust the guiding hand? Maybe it's a random process... sometimes the most memorable destinations are the ones you come across by accident.
It's a bit of a mither for me at the moment, as the songs for the forthcoming MM album are so specific; indeed relate to a short story that I've written; 'In Cassidy's Care' , which was initially inspired (wrong word) by the mishaps of a mate, but which later spiraled into realms of fantasy and fiction, saving a good friendship and preventing a lawsuit...
I don't quite know how Marcus and I are going to present it to you but this site certainly fuels the fire...

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