Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Top 5: Nick Baker

Nick's been with us for as long as anyone; he knows his stuff so we're always chuffed to get his enthusiastic feedback.
Nick Baker's 'Top 5':

It's taken a while but here is my Top 5.
Wanted to give it some thought as favourites constantly change!
A photo for you; me at my very local beach at Aberavon and also one of me and my 12 string when I was 14!!! I wanted an electric bass but my parents wouldn't buy me one because of the noise implications. (My brother, who was 12 years older, played bass in a band in the 60s and used to practice in the next bedroom). Ironic really as this was just as noisy when I miked it up and fed it through my hi fi!  I still have it with one broken machine head but it still rings out like a good un when I attempt Supertramp's 'Give a Little Bit'...

Weatherwise - My favourite MM song. Like a lot of MM songs, positivity in the sadness! Plus a lovely arpeggio, slide and upright bass introduction. Brilliant lyrics, 'no natural selection in this genetic pool', I always tune in!

Hopeland - This song brought tears to my eyes on first hearing. I put it on repeat for about an hour!!!! After the journey through Hopeland this was just bliss. Thought Trev might be saying goodbye for whatever reason!! The sepia production of the album bursts into technicolour on this track. Including woodwind, clarinet? And as always, glockenspiel just sounds gorgeous!!

In Your Eye - Keepers glorious highlight. Uplifting, literary, sweeping. You can almost smell the sea, see the azure, hear the waves and taste the king fish. 'if all endurance is compressed', where else can you hear words like this. And again the Glockenspiel!!

Lights of Home - Simple, wraps you in a blanket of beautiful sound. Again the Glockenspiel! Must be my weakness. 'Lost beneath a star that's dying.' Lars Von Trier must have been listening before he filmed Melancholia. Vibraphone and Glockenspiel ending too. You had me at 'praying to a satellite'.

Making Repairs to Lisa - The first MM song I heard. Grabbed my attention straight away. Simple, lovely and inspiring. "I blessed your twisted heart. I fed it to the birds", I hadn't heard words in song like this since Paddy MacAloon!!! Plus woodwind. Brought to mind the lovely Kate St John!! Somehow had a 60s vibe. Love it.

Mermaid - Sorry, got to be 6!!!! Just love this song. Paints a story I can remember from my childhood. 'Another generation writing in the sand' I see this now at my very local beach time and time again and think of this song. I just want to play it to the people and shout, 'remember this time & song, the truth lies within'.

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  1. Interestingly, I teach Cameron Spurr, the actor who plays the young son in Von Trier's 'Melancholia'. He's a focussed little fella; wants to complete his studies (he's nine) before "pursuing the acting career'. I haven't seen the film yet; it looks beautiful; and as serious as Spurr...