Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Top 5: Kevin Reynolds

Kevin has a special connection with MM. Not only has he been a friend of the band for an age, he's also been keen enough to encourage his beautiful and talented daughter Holly to cover one of our songs.
Marcus did some recording recently with Holly that went on to form an Ep that should garner much attention. Coincidentally, Holly is a graduate of the same Stoke-on-Trent dancing school ('Tweedales') that my Di frequented.
Small world...

Kevin's 'Top 5 Songs':
It’s impossible to only pick 5 of course, but here goes...

The Dust Will Shape Your Sins
This song means a great deal to me. When my daughter Holly was 14 she recorded a version as a home demo. I decided that I’d send MM a message via their My Space site to tell them about the recording and thank them for writing such a beautiful song. To my amazement Trev replied sounding really pleased (and pleasantly surprised that a teenage girl had recorded one of their songs!). Ever since that day Trev and I have kept in contact and even discovered that Holly and Trev’s partner Di went to the same dancing school! Who’d have thought that seven years later Marcus would be playing on/producing Holly’s first ep! This is such a great song. I have no idea what the lyrics mean and it doesn’t really matter. It sounds wonderful and, if you really pushed me, the one MM song I’d take to my desert island.

Love Letters and Long Goodbyes
Trev was so chuffed with Holly’s cover that he sent us a copy of Limbo. This remains my favourite MM album and this is the track which became stuck in my head for weeks! I remember playing the album to my wife Kath while driving to a restaurant and insisting that she listened to “just one more track” as we sat in the car park with rumbling stomachs!

Sister Song
So personal. So moving. I love Trev’s vocals on this – full of real emotion. The first time I heard this song Kath and I were sitting in the kitchen having a meal. I suddenly became aware that we’d stopped eating and were both staring at the speakers. When I turned around Kath had tears streaming down her face. Powerful stuff!

How gorgeous is this? I love the ‘duelling’ guitars at the end. I never want it to end...

Something Resembling Love
Short , sweet and very catchy! It encapsulates many of the things I love about Trevor’s writing – a wonderfully crafted song with a beautiful melody and thoughtful, intelligent, reflective lyrics.

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  1. What a great list Kev. I love that you 'get it'.
    Good luck to Holly in all that she does. I'm sure you couldn't be prouder.
    Look forward to seeing you at the dancing school show this week. It really is a small world!