Friday, 13 April 2012

PB Alert: BBC 6 Stuart Maconie Interview Link: PB on 'Later' with Jools (Tuesday 17th April)

OK, a 2nd daily post is timely as these comments from Toronto Tim and Phil Duncan might be missed.

TT says: "Ah, David you're a fount of knowledge! Actually, I imagine it's me making Trev grumpy... I've been dithering vainly to him for days.
You mentioned the BBC interview, and I googled it but it's not available overseas. But I kept digging and found it on "Soundcloud" here...
As I listened to the chat, my crustiness melted away; impressed and moved by Paul's charm, wit and humility. His explanation of the motives behind the "sketchy" nature of the album is getting me to reaccess my rush to judgement. I don't think I'm disciplined or patient enough anymore to follow Dave's "puritan" lead, but this may be an album that requires that approach. I was surprised when Maconie brought up a bunch of things that I'd yammered on about... Carver-school of minimalism, brevity as opposed to BN's more extended meditations, etc. Given BN's penchant for avoiding the press, I was surprised to see Paul out pitching, but he's a wonderful interview. Much better than the inferior yack with Jools, also posted on "soundcloud"..."

Phil says: "My brother has just phoned from Sydney to say he’s received an e-mail from PB letting him know that he’s appearing on 'Later with Jools' next week (Tuesday 17th).

 Apparently he’s bought 2 new pairs of jeans…"


  1. Man, you are speedy with the cut/paste!
    I feel a little guilty panning the Jools radio interview. Jools can be a bit ditzy at times. "Norweigian Wood" duet was interesting...

  2. Thanks for the link Tim.
    Feeling better?

  3. Feeling better? What was it the Black Knight said after being dismembered in the Holy Grail... "I've had worse." Let's just say I won't be competing any pissing contests... ever!