Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lovesong: Paul Buchanan: Newsroom/Mid Air/My True Country

Three tracks from Paul's new album 'Mid Air'.
First up, the title track, then 'Newsroom' (blink and you'll miss it), finally (for anyone who might have missed it) the previously heralded 'My True Country' which you can still download for free at
Slightly beautiful or beautifully slight?
Insubstantial little gems or glorious vignettes?
I hope that he stretches out a bit more on the album.
This is tasty tapas and I'm bloody starving....


  1. Love it, has a air, space and heart. The best of Blue Nile and more.

  2. Sounds too perfect to be true. But why oh why does he make us wait so long? It's just cruel!!

    Nick B

  3. Perfect I agree. I've always loved their 'quieter' moments latterly (Family Life/Toledo) etc , before that the icy synth beauty of Hats... I'm just hoping that Mid Air is not to be a one tone poem... again, nowt wrong with the beauty of these offerings; it would just be nice to hear him stretch himself (although I haven't got a clue what that might sound like..)

  4. I've waited so long for my little box set of mid-air to arrive and now I've got it..... :-)