Monday, 25 February 2013

Albums for Life: 45: Del Amitri: Waking Hours

There's not a lot to say about this other than it's a terrific collection of songs released in 1989; it's one of those easy listening 'jukebox' albums that is always better than you remember it to be.
It was the band's 2nd album, there's an unfussy approach that is oddly compelling; it's not lofty stuff but the tales all ring true.
This, for me, is perfect road rage retarding car stereo fodder...


  1. I love this lp (although for some reason I'm genuinely surprised to see it on your list) Caught them just before the Neil Young fixation got too much. Later lps were much more hit and miss although saying that I have a different one on my list. Justin Currie's solo lps are well worth checking out as well

  2. Good choice Trev but I would have gone with the follow up Change Everything which I think is their stronget set of songs as a complete LP. Saw them a few tims live and they always put on a good show. Agree with the above post about Justin Currie's solo albums but whatever happened to Iain Harvie?

  3. Another band that passed me by. Listening now I'm ambivalent, enjoying some parts of songs but not others. Must listen some more and make up my mind.

  4. Good one... I have it higher.