Sunday, 24 February 2013

Albums for Life: 46: Joan Armatrading

You've got somebody who loves you 
I want to see you fan the fire
Mistaken shyness can be costly 
Too hasty a goodbye and then you've lost me

This sultry slow burner was never off my turntable when it came out.
It is classic singer-songwriter material from 1976, a time when females were rare in that category.
Producer Glynn Johns wrapped some fine songs in a warm velvety ambience that made you want to hug the speakers.
Everything fits just fine.
In my early college days I remember this fondly (alongside Hall & Oates' 'Silver Album') as my 'shagging album'. 
And how could I fail with such an irresistible soundtrack?
Not a duff track, the sequencing and pacing is perfect, the playing is superb, including some sublime pedal steel from Miracle Mile mainstay BJ Cole.

Armatrading seems to wander the middle of the road these days but here she nailed it perfectly with this pitch perfect mood piece.
I can't find a link for my favourite track 'Somebody Who Loves You' but these 3 corkers should suffice.


  1. Wow, 1976? I can't believe it's that long ago. I bought the LP for Love & Affection, which sounds like it was recorded yesterday. As you said Glyn Johns production is masterful & timeless. This is the only release I've updated to CD, and haven't followed her career. Any suggestions for further listening?

  2. I like Me, Myself I particularly of All the Way From America and the song 'Willow' from 'Show Some Emotion' but I'd go backwards to the Tony Visconti produced 'Whatever's For Us', raw beauty...

  3. To my shame until recently I'd only hears the strange 80s tune Drop the Pilot. Recently doubled that with Love and Affection so need to give this lp a proper listen!

    1. I really recommend it David; it all got a bit 80s hifi after this. The drummer is Dave Mattacks, the sound very 'organic'...

  4. I like this one Trevor, although I only know it from radio and some friend's collections. I've picked it out and played it when I've come across it but never bought it for some reason. Great voice.
    Surely there were a few other female singer-songwriters, though - Joni, Carole, 2 Janis's, Carly, Emmylou... At least one of whom will be making an appearance later in your list, I'd guess. (and mine)

  5. I bought it when it first came out too. I remember I loved the music but I didn't know too much about the singer, in fact I thought she was a bloke with a female name (like Alice Cooper) - she has got a deep voice.


    1. A bloke with a female name? Well JB, she was briefly better known to many as Mr Valerie Singleton...