Thursday, 7 February 2013

Albums for Life: 54: Tom Baxter: Feather and Stone

Another mainstream choice but I like the music of Tom Baxter, 'easy listening' has never been easier. He may be forever damned for having 'Better' covered by Westlife; but he's more than that.
His debut 'Feather and Stone' is often played round at ours, Sunday mornings. If the first two tracks don't get you then, maybe you should stay in bed until Monday morning.
Di and I were in at the off with Baxter; saw the early gigs with a few other lucky folk. He's a powerful singer in the raw. He seems to keep dropping off the map, perhaps disillusioned by the lack of success that his music deserves. Maybe this fine album didn't sell because folk thought it was Jose Mourinho's debut; the resemblance is striking... it might also explain the confusion of the live band when he counts all the songs in with "4 4 2..."
I've posted links to the official videos of the two tracks below, then added a  live version of 'My Declaration' which is great. 
You can buy 'Feather and Stone' here for the price of a pint of German lager...
Baxter's working on a new album; details are here...


  1. a great lp. I think he and other suffered due to a bit of a james blunt backlash.
    I remember the james blunt lp getting similar good reviews and then your beautiful was everywhere and the backlash caught a lot of much more talented folk in the crossfire

  2. Sorry, not with you on this one... Not as despicable as Blunt, but shallow MOR fodder to my ears. Can't stomach the lyrics of either of these guys!
    Who peed in my Cheerios?

  3. Can't see this breaking into my collection, I'm afraid. I can feel myself getting hives. Sorry Tom.

  4. This one seems to be clearing the room...
    I'm using the 'cheap music' defense again; always reminds me of driving through Corsica in the early years so, yes, I'm sticking to the middle of the road and, yes it smells a bit of donkey shit...