Monday, 4 February 2013

Albums for Life: 56: Magnet: On Your Side

Norwegian singer Even Johansen has produced some fine albums but, for me, this is his best.
Strummed acoustics and a classic pop sensibility matched with quirky 'second language' lyrics makes for a beguiling mix.
And there's a great duet of Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay' with the lovely Gemma Hayes who Marcus has done 'a session' with and confirms as 'drop dead gorgeous'.
Her albums will not make this list but I really recommend them, especially 'Night on My Side'.


  1. this is one of those lps that I always meant to buy, to such an extent that I clicked on the link confidently saying to myself "I've got this" only to realise that I never got round to buying it! - which I'll now have to remedy

  2. Well worth the investment David: it's a little bit Teiture/Aqualung/Thom Yorke (lite)...