Saturday, 2 February 2013

Albums for Life: 57: Kid Creosote and Jon Hopkins: Diamond Mine

This is a collaboration between Fife based songwriter Kenny ‘King Creosote’ Anderson and electronic sculptor Jon Hopkins who plays Eno to the King's wistful craftings, giving his tender small town ruminations a lovely ambience.

At the heart of these gentle songs is Anderson's affecting voice; the brogue does put some off, it just makes me want to put on my favourite fisherman's sweater and hug the speakers. 
There is an extended version of this album, 'The Jubilee Edition', which has some great tunes, but I love the original seven tracks as a piece; less is certainly more in this case.


  1. You're so much more up to date than me Trevor. I have a friend who's recommended Mr Creosote to me a few times but maybe it's the memory of painting fenceposts with the stuff that has put me off exploring him. Listening to this album now and very impressed.

  2. 'Thrawn' is a good retro of his work... this though (for me) is his best by a mile...

  3. This is a perfect gem of an lp - bombshell is also good (his one bit of flirting with a major label and full of great pop tunes)