Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Di's 'Albums for Life': 60 to 51

Di's been looking over my shoulder as I've been doing this list. 
She's desperate to play; bending over backwards even...
Here's her 60 to 51:

51. Twelve Stops & Home - The Feeling
52. All This Useless Beauty - Elvis Costello
53. The End of The Innocence - Don Henley
54. Burning The Daze - Marc Cohn
55. Ocean Drive - The Lighthouse Family
56. Raintown - Deacon Blue
57. Everybody's Laughing - Alex Lloyd
58. Algiers - Calexico 
59. Daniel Lanois - Acadie
60. Robert Palmer - Double Fun


  1. to be a fully paid up member you need at least one cry of "too low" and Di you get it in early with Raintown .. too low!

  2. Keep heckling: it doesn't matter how low you set the bar; Di will get under it...

  3. God Trev, Di's got better albums than you've had, in her list!!!!!

    The Feeling - great pop album
    Elvis Costello -great album
    Din Henley - End of the Innocence, one of my favourite songs.
    Deacon Blue - Raintown - followed them since before they had a contract!!!
    Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive - lovely stuff (look out for Tunde's new album out very soon!!!)
    And finally, Daniel Lanois - now you're talking class!!!!

    Great picture by the way!

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