Friday, 22 February 2013

Albums for Life: 47: Dogs in Traffic: Love & Money

This was more acoustic than their previous rockier, funkier albums, with James Grant's voice and sensitivities to the fore. I'm sure that you all know this inside out so I won't bang on. 
I'm realizing that 'gentle' bordering on the soporific is my thing; odd that I have trouble sleeping...
Boy, were these boys serious.
The album is a lovely thing though.
You can sing along in Spanish or marvel at Marilyn here...


  1. Hmmm "bordering on the soporific" is a strange eulogy Trevor. Some truth in it though, perhaps too much for my ears to find purchase.

  2. Dogs in the Traffic is a fine album. Personally I prefer its predecessor, Strange Kind of Love. I saw them play Shepherds Bush Empire in 2011 when they played both albums all the way through. Great show and James Grant is a superb frontman. After over 20 years they made a new album last year, The Devils Debt, which is well worth tracking down!!!

  3. I have 'Devils Debt' Marshman; still discovering its charms...
    Strangely I don't know 'Strange Kind of Love'...

  4. Strange kind of love was by far their best offering and has some great moments, give it a play Trev, it's not available on Spotify, though there is a reissued Version now available on Amazon. 😊