Sunday, 10 February 2013

Albums for Life: 53: Lambchop: Is a Woman

"You lay around the house, nothin' much to bark about. 
Jump onto the bed, just bones and squirrels inside your head"

After the grooves and lush orchestrations of the seminal 'Nixon', where Kurt Wagner played at being Curtis Mayfield, came this parred back version of the band. Gone were the bold dynamics, replaced with a reticent world of self doubt, soundtracked by nightclub piano and big fat jazz guitar. It's finely cut cloth is stylish, sombre and understated; more a mood piece than anything; the pace never gets above dawdling maudlin.
'Country' it ain't.

As ever Wagner's contemplations verge on the cryptic or impenetrable but the abstract nature of the lyrics makes the listener work harder and create their own meaning to the barking baritone timbre.
Here's the title track, then live footage (badly synched) of 'My Blue Wave' a love song to Kurt's dog, followed by 'The New Cob Web Summer'.


  1. Great choice Trevor. This had the unenviable job of following Nixon and it didn't disappoint.

  2. Agreed Seamus.
    Amazing back catalogue yet I believe that Kurt is still laying floors for a living.

  3. I believe that the wood dust adds a certain timbre to his voice. ; )

  4. I bought this when it came out on the back of it appearing on so many best of year charts and just didn't get it at all. I think just a case of wrong time wrong place (other cds I bought at the same time hogged the stereo) I gave it away without really giving it a chance. A bit older and wiserish means I'll give it another go

  5. Good choice, I think? Lambchop an acquired taste that I gnaw away at, and find myself asking, "Is this yummy or crummy?"
    "Aw C'mon" top of my Lambchop menu...

  6. 'Aw C'Mon' great but a bit sprawling for me TT...