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With 'Ghost of Song' currently riding high at 81,661 in the Amazon charts, I thought I might try and drum up some business by featuring recent reviews.
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As you can see, it's got me thinking about hitting the bottle (again) but, where to start?
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Many thanks to Mike Davies for the following...

Jones - Ghost Of Song (MeMe)

For those already devotees of Miracle Mile's Trevor Jones, this is, disappointingly, not a new album in the sense following up Hopeland and Keepers. Rather it's a compilation of songs from both of them.
When originally released, each featured spoken word poetry between the musical numbers, delivered by Jones with a tender world-weariness. However, looking to explain why sales were so disappointing, he came to the conclusion that for those not familiar with his other work - and indeed for some who were - the spoken word elements were a barrier to making an audience connection.
And yet both albums feature some truly wonderful songs that he rightly felt deserved to be heard. So, he decided to come up with what is, in effect, a sampler, a selection of songs that he felt worked together to create a sustained mood, sharing what he described as a 'warm, yet woozy feel'. The sort of songs you slip into of an evening when you're looking to unwind or perhaps wallow in reverie a little. As such, he was reluctantly obliged to leave off several personal favourites because they didn't suit the sonic 'balm' for which he was aiming. Nevertheless, the result both as good a Best Of as a fan might wish for and an irresistible introduction for the uninitiated.
Hopeland yields the first six tracks, opening with the aching beauty of its title number, one of several that conjure a vocal mix of Cat Stevens and Martyn Joseph, and proceeding dreamily through the pastoral shades of Homeward, Girl On A Bridge, Bluer Skies Than This, the lovely piano ballad To Tell You The Truth and Something Resembling Love.
An album that saw him dealing with a loss that had cast a dark cloud over his reborn optimism, Keepers provides the final four numbers, five if you get the Linn remastered 24 bit version which adds Fatherless Son as a bonus.
The bluesy acoustic I Deny starts the final stretch, followed by the sad but forgiving farewell of Folding Sheets, My Last And Latest Chance (to be honest, I'd have gone with Nothing Between Us But Air) and the hymnal, piano accompanied I Showed You The River with its line about 'a darkening deep inside me' and a melody line that echoes Candle In The Wind.
When he started the compilation he thought he was weaving together melancholy, but on listening back found he was actually shaping romanticism. Listen to his ghosts and they will haunt your heart forever.

Mike Davies March 2012


  1. So handsome... and very talented!

  2. A very good review.Trying to plug your album myself,I keep hearing the same replies from would be reviewers 'I prefer it it I can add a soundcloud,bandcamp or you tube link'.
    Maybe this should be considered
    Still, they don't know what a great album they're missing
    Tel Aviv

  3. Thanks Phil. I'm not sure what soundcloud or bandcamp are... will look into it.
    We're trying to get some video/youtube stuff going; even student film makers are demanding fees these days...

  4. Nice review Cat?
    Phil has a good suggestion about 'Bandcamp' as a marketing tool. I see a lot of indie bands using it. It's basically a mini-website/store. Tidy, user-friendly format with hyperlinks to listen to tracks and download/purchase... all from one page. I can see why reviewers would like this "easy" link.
    A good example is over at Dave's site, March 20 - "Cancel The Astronauts" entry. Click on their link and see what a Bandcamp page looks like. I just bought the CTA's EPs... so easy.
    Also, get that Iphone or the Betacam from the attic/loft and start making some Youtube videos... Even just one of Di's fantastic photos with the audio playing over it. It doesn't have to be "Thriller."
    No more nagging...

  5. Thanks Tim. Looking at various ideas for video; from student projects to begging...