Friday, 2 March 2012

Wannabe PB: Steve Adey: Find the Way

OK, we've initiated 'Sprout Shout', now we're on to 'Wannabe PB'; a Blue Nile soundalike alert. This isn't intended to demerit the artists; christ knows; MM have been compared to many; in fact; more of that later...
Mojo have started the rumour that there will be a new PB album soon, entitled 'Mid-Air':

MOJO Magazine Feb 2012:
"we anticipate a release this year Mojo says April-May!!! This is unconfirmed- but hence the date is april-may for this virtual event."
I'm not sure what a 'virtual event' is; download only?
Anyway, as overjoyed as I am at this news, (will he finally gift us 'Meanwhile'?) it is slightly unsettling to hear that it's intended as "a piano and voice only" project as I'd been planning a new 'Jones' album with a similar working template; using upright bass and the old upright piano from 'Hopeland' and calling it (imaginatively enough) 'Upright'. 
I guess that makes me a wannabe also... there seems to be some strange synchronicity in the air... 
I might have to rethink with a paper and comb and a couple of coconuts...
Anyway, back to PB soundalikes: 
Here's one to get you going; this is Steve Adey's 'Find the Way' from 'All Things Real', he even mentions 'christmas lights... it is all rather beautiful, and it was engineered by The Blue Nile's producer Calum Malcolm, hence the sonic resemblance. 
The video's is gloriously pallid; if you like it, take a look at Adey performing the song live, quite aptly, in a church. The last person wearing a corduroy jacket to make me weep was Mr Malpass, my first year Latin teacher, when he cut the non regulation gold buttons off my new school blazer...


  1. That does sound like PB, or at least on the same branch of th emusic tree - is the rest of his stuf flike this