Friday, 16 March 2012

The Limbo Diaries. 18. Postscript

So, that was 'Limbo' that was... 
Along with 'Alaska' it does seem to hold a special place in our 'friends' hearts.
It was Miracle Mile’s 7th album and received much critical acclaim upon its release; indeed The Sunday Times made it their ‘CD of the Week’ and nominated the lead track ‘Lights of Home’ as a ‘Sunday Times ‘Song of the Year’ 2007 noting: 
"Trevor Jones finds the poetry in real life; Marcus Cliffe anchors it in the sweetest pop. Gorgeous as ever. You may cry "

 “Songs that rival those of Prefab Sprout, the Blue Nile or just about any other grown up pop group you could imagine”
Hi-Fi News *****

"Its evocative lyrics and melodies take the listener on their own journeys into their past and future. Miracle Mile have released yet another superb record; how much longer will they be in Limbo?"
Americana UK 9/10

"Classic pop songwriting, gorgeously realised" The Sunday Times ****

“An album overflowing with sensitively wrought melodies and heart-fluttering lyricism. If it's possible, this is even more passionate than usual, deliciously understated and tear jerking." Hi-Fi News *****

TJ: “I really believed that the 'Glow' sessions would be the last time we recorded at Norbury Brook, so this comes as a happy bonus; amazing what you can come to take for granted; people and places. Same cracked mugs, same mad cat, one new guitar (a battered but lovely old Gibson) and Marcus (also battered but lovely) burning incense rather than spraying that inner nose stripping air freshener! He'll be wearing a kaftan next... look our for a sitar solo!
We always look for a working title. I was struck by the word 'Limbo' for 3 reasons: firstly it kind of sums up the Miracle Mile's position in the music world, secondly it relates to Marcus's current emotional and domestic circumstance, and thirdly because I’ve just driven past some orange boxes with ‘Limbo' written on the side! Friday the 13th seems a fateful date to start our recordings; maybe it'll bring us there's a title; 'Lucky Limbo'?

If you own (and know how to work) a 'music streamer' you'll soon be able to download a remastered 'Original Studio Master' of 'Limbo ' (and 'Alaska') from Linn records.
Next nostalgic port of call will be 'The Glow Diaries'.
Brace yourselves...

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