Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lovesong: Paul Buchanan: My True Country

OK, two posts in a day is pushing it but I just got this news via Max Malagnino of 'Rainsound' fame.
The new Paul Buchanan album Mid-Air is due soon and if you click on this link http://paulbuchanan.com you can not only pre-order the album but download a free track now.
It's called 'My True Country' and it's a beauty.
For those who are not able; just click the link below.


Paul Buchanan, mainstay of Glaswegian soulful pop perfectionists The Blue Nile, will release his debut solo album ‘Mid Air’ on May 21st 2012 on Newsroom Records via Essential. ‘Mid Air’ will feature 14 songs written, performed and produced by Paul Buchanan and was recorded at home, at a friend's house on the East Coast of Scotland, and at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow, a new state of the art studio in Glasgow. Tracklisting is below
1. Mid Air
2. Half The World
3. Cars In The Garden
4. Newsroom
5. I Remember You
6. Buy A Motor Car
7. Wedding Party
8. Two Children
9. Summer’s On Its Way
10. My True Country
11. A Movie Magazine
12. Tuesday
13. Fin De Siècle
14. After Dark

"I think if I'd tried to make a record that sounds like the band I'd be quite nervous, but this is more of a record-ette. It's quite small in stature and the songs are very brief, but don't get me wrong - it kept me awake at night."

The album will be made available in a number of different formats. A standard 14 track version of the CD & 180 gram vinyl (w/ download) will be available in your local stores. There will be a digital version, with the option of 320kbps MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless. Lastly there is a deluxe 2CD boxset, limited to 2000 numbered copies, which will only be made available from Paul's website http://paulbuchanan.com/. This version features a 20 page 7" booklet with photos taken by Paul and lyrics. More importantly there is a 2nd CD with 10 tracks that are not available anywhere else. The tracklisting to the 2nd CD is below.
1. Have You Ever Been Lonely?
2. My True Country (Piano)
3. After Dark (Instrumental)
4. Two Children (Piano)
5. Lost
6. Tuesday (Instrumental)
7. Half The World (Demo)
8. A Movie Magazine (Instrumental)
9. Mid Air (Demo)
10. God Is Laughing

For those who want a teaser from Mid Air, 'My True Country' is available as a free download from http://paulbuchanan.com/. If you choose to access it, there is a an honesty box in the form of a link to the British Heart Foundation for donations of any size so that we can all help a good cause. http://www.justgiving.com/PaulBuchananMidAir

Thank you to all who've pre-ordered the record so far and thank you for your support.


  1. Box-set is tempting... A lotta Canuck bucks!

  2. Had to check it wasnt april 1st! and then I fainted

  3. Hi Trev
    is it okay if I cut and paste a bit of this post tomorrow?

  4. Sure, it's what I did... when you download the track from PB's site you get a follow up email which is essentially what you see above.
    Great news; we can see it, so it must be there... mustn't it... ?

  5. Took the plunge & ordered the box set - I just had to your Honour!!!

    Nick B

  6. I laughed...I cried...I ordered the box set...then cried again listening to mid-air and my true country..

    Google around for the BBC Radio interview with Paul B...

    I really cant wait for the full album...cliche time, but it'll be a dark room and a bottle of good wine....

  7. received my limited edition today by special delivery, STUNNINGLY SUBLIME

    1. Mmm, I ordered bog standard... starting to wonder if I should have shelled out...

    2. Sadly, too late - sold out! :( Can't imagine it ever appearing on e(xtortion)bay. Surely everyone of the 2000 copies now belongs to a true fan (he says, hopefully).