Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lovesong: My Friend the Chocolate Cake: The Centre Cannot Hold

My Friend David Bridie has a band.
They're called 'My Friend the Chocolate Cake'.
They are Melbourne based and produce acoustic songs that are involving and invariably beautiful.
Dave also has a solo career (more of that in a later 'Lovesong' post) and writes film music also.
Choosing a song is difficult so I'll post the latest thing I can find and something from way back.
The new song is 'The Centre Cannot Hold' from the new album 'Fiasco'.
The older is 'Talk About Love' which I've chosen for no other reason than it's (kind of) nicked the title from Raymond Carver (I'd never do such a thing...) Oh, and it's a lovely thing also...
They are another one of those 'criminally underrated' bands.
They must be sick of hearing that...
Listen to everything and anything by MFTCC, a good entry point might be their retrospective 'Review' which you can buy here on Amazon for £1.99... crazy times.


  1. I love MFTCC and can do nothing but recommend them. They have such a different sound & David's voice is hypnotic!


  2. Thanks of rthis purely on the basis that i dint relasie there had been a new lp last year! - Another visit to Amazon!

  3. Have you been on the 'sherbert' David?
    That's the pissedest typing I've sheeeen in a loooongue time...

  4. Was it that obvious - although these days it only takes the sniff of a wine gum for my hands to stop functioning in the way I want them to

  5. I know what you mean.
    I had a glass or two the other night and found myself weeping at a Carly Simon (her again) song...
    Something about "itsy bitsy spiders..."

  6. at least it wasnt timmy mallet's version of itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot .... then again that does move me to tears but of an entirely different nature