Monday, 19 March 2012

My Top 5: Earnie Seiler

Earnie has been a MM friend since way back; I remember our initial contact well.
Here are his top 5 MM songs:

Earnie Seiler's Top Five:
I recall reading a note in Uncut comparing Miracle Mile to The Blue Nile so I hopped online and hunted down MM... eventually stumbled into an email exchange with the nicest guy on the planet, Trev and have picked up everything they have put out.  
I find my favorites shift from mood to mood but I keep going back to some songs again and again:

Wilful... Perfect vocals over a great guitar and the most true message of all "you don't know what I do", summarizes all the issues.
Also from Alaska: Weatherwise... hope in a song.
God Knows... on the way home from work this chorus always makes me smile, ambivalent personal struggle with the gods... plus cool subtle backing vocals.
An Average Sadness... catchy clap as percussion and presence in person of our protagonist... protection with real expectations
Scars... the slide is perfect, the story real.
I'll stop at 5... only because without a limit the mind will just keep running.
I'll also throw a THANK YOU to MM; TJ and MC, you have enhanced life and added to growth
Earnie Seiler
Melbourne  FL USA

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  1. Excellent choice Earnie!
    So, you like walking... have you ever been to Corsica?
    There is a fabulous walk which takes about 2 weeks called the GR20.
    It runs down the spine of the island and is simply breathtaking.
    Check it out...