Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Vulture: Lovesong: Six Feet Under: Jane Siberry: Calling All Angels

I don't watch much TV; only really films and sport, but I have developed a penchant for the dramatic black comedy of 'Six Feet Under', an independent funeral home the focus; featuring the trials and tribulations of the Fishers; small screen's most disfunctional family.
Last night's episode featured a moment, when a group of middle aged ladies attended the body of their recently deceased friend; they banged the bong, then broke into song: Jane Siberry's miraculous 'Calling All Angels', and the effect was spellbinding; similar to that moment in 'Magnolia' when all of the main characters start singing along to Aimee Mann's 'Wise Up'. I've posted that sequence, followed by the 'Six Feet Under' moment, followed by a video of 'Calling All Angels' (Siberry's duet with K D Lang).
Moving stuff...

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