Friday, 23 March 2012

Treat It Like It's All We Have

Music, art, celebration, community...
Thanks to Toronto Tim for inspiring this post.
It's interesting when folk who have made a life's work of music, talk about their craft.
There's plenty of verbiage in these two clips so I'll keep it brief.
Two 'lumpy' and slightly crumpled artists, one struggling, the other a superstar, both totally engaged in what they've committed to and still having the juice to inspire and be inspired.
They work their craft as if it's all they have...
First up is Martyn Joseph; the post isn't about quality (it's a home gig) but integrity so, please, hear him out; particularly when he starts to deconstruct the song after about 3 minutes. He's an intense fellow but if his line "kick that darkness 'til it bleeds daylight" doesn't get you, maybe you need another cup of coffee.

Then watch and wonder at the object of his affection...

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  1. 2 great artists and storytellers. I admire their plainspoken humility. I think it allows them to get away with "preaching" without being pretentious. Also, the notion of "writing songs that make the listener feel they're not alone in the world" is a special one.
    I don't know about the rolled up sleeves fashion statement but... it's alright, it's alright...