Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Top 5: Johnny Coppin

Toronto Tim issued a challenge: 
Name your top 5 Miracle Mile/Jones songs.
Why not email me here with your own top 5.

This Top 5 is from Johnny Coppin, a fine musician and also a successful DJ. 
Johnny has often played MM and Jones on his show with BBC Radio Gloucester.
He occasionally covers my songs live.
Here's Johnny:

Hey Trev, I hope you are well.
I’m still singing Homeward and looking forward to recording it!
Here’s my Top 5 list from Ghost of Song... hard to choose; all based on my personal preference and what sounds good on radio!

  1. Hopeland
  2. Bluer Skies Than This
  3. Homeward
  4. My Last and Latest Chance
  5. I Deny
All the best for now,
Johnny Coppin

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