Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Linn: Studio Master Downloads: Alaska/Limbo/Ghost of Song

Great News: Linn Records (home of The Blue Nile and my stereo system) are releasing 'Ghost of Song' as one of their acclaimed 'Studio Master Downloads' series.
Hi-Fi buffs will know what that means; for lesser Herberts (myself included), this means that the album is available as a high quality download in its initial state; as the 'Original Studio Master', before the inevitable downsizing to 16 bit for CD production, and beyond for MP3s. 
It's a pricey thing that needs to be played on a media stream player not fuelled by coal, but I'm told that the sound quality is amazing.

We are excited that Linn will also shortly be launching a remastered 'Limbo' and a 10th anniversary remaster of 'Alaska' which Marcus has described as "f***ing great, the new high resolution really does sound head and shoulders better than the old CD. It's been an interesting journey revisiting that album."

We're hoping to work our way through the MM and Jones back catalogue in the next few months.
Here's a link to Linn's 'Ghost of Song' page.

Linn say: "A Studio Master download is the highest quality music file available anywhere. 
It allows you to hear a recording exactly the way the original artist and producer intended it to sound, before it was altered to fit on a CD or squashed down to MP3 size."
Finally, Linn seem to have a genuine love and enthusiasm for music, exemplified here in their 'MusicMoments' page; a kind of blog on favourite... musical moments; take a look; it's great reading...


  1. For years that symbol was wrapped up in the mystery that was walk across the rooftops. In that pre internet time you had to make up your own stories

  2. Indulged in the studio master download of Ghost last night and have to say that on the evidence of the first two songs alone it sounds genuinely magnificent.