Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Top 5: Hilary Marshall

Hilary (pictured in purple here with her beautiful daughter Keren) is Di's sister and probably likely to be just as one eyed and biased. Having watched my 'career' develop from 'Bicycle Thieves' onwards, that 'one eye' would be keener and better focussed than most folk's. She might not be disinterested, but is as honest as they come and loves what she loves; so I'm chuffed that she's a fan... and, I know I'm not supposed to say it but: 
Happy Birthday Hil, love from D&T xxx

Hilary Marshall's 'Top Five':
Like everyone else its been terribly hard to narrow it down to 5 and, would you believe it, Holmesey stole my thunder by having 3 out of 5 the same.
I can't actually remember life without MM, its been a part of my life for the last quarter century, my three gorgeous children (all grown up now of course) were breast and spoon fed on these gorgeous melodies and heart stopping lyrics. Even now my ipod lists only 'MM' and 'Jones' (and a couple of French courses of which I am miserably failing to master!)
A quick recap.... 'Bicycle Thieves' takes me back to my childhood and also to my wedding day way back in 1980... no MM haven't been around that long... Dad used it as the backing track to the super 8 cine movies that he converted to DVD. Ahhh, good old days.
My top three albums... (pre Jones):
Slow Fade... I'm sure I wore this disc out, love love love!!! I remember shortly after its release, Messrs Jones and Holmes made Trev's first visit to L'ile de Beaute, staying in the magnificent Auberge Relais La Signoria. To celebrate I sent a poem made up of song titles from the album, (I'm no poet by the way). Sad !!!! If it still exists it's probably rolled up encased in a empty toilet roll holder gathering dust under the bed, or in that notorious attic of theirs. I sent a poem for Di as well, acknowledging my envy at not being in my most favourite place on earth.

Alaska... I'm haunted by the images of that sweet couple.... she a pretty sparrow.... I wonder at her breathing and the beating of her heart... all that they could hope for...

Limbo... 'Love Letters', 'Joshua's Watch', and 'Pink Jesus' to name but two, that I simply can't get through without blubbing. (Now I've mentioned those, I don't need to include them in my top five.... ha ha ! )
Well you are asking for the impossible in listing my top 5 because in reality it simply doesn't exist, but as you insist... here goes; so in no particular order:

Under My Tongue
Five Points of Light
The Dust Will Shape Your Sins
Harry's Hands (the guitar intro makes me melt)
Boo Said
There we have it, phew that was very difficult... just for the record I changed it at least umpteen times:
Now for Jones....pure genius:

Folding Sheets
I Showed you the River
To tell you the Truth

Here's to the next 25 years guys and gals...
Cheers X


  1. What beauts!
    I'm honoured to have you for my sister and niece.

    Hil, you never fail to boost my confidence. You are a constant source of encouragement. Whenever I have doubts you lift my spirits and make me realise that anything is possible.
    I love that you love Trev's music.
    You are very special to us both.
    Love, Love, Love you.

    1. Hey, we may not have mastered our french, but Love is a language you speak beautifully.
      You are nothing short of inspirational, and your love of life gives me a glow.
      Love you forever X