Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Limbo Diaries. 16. Hever Castle, a diversion


TJ: Marcus and I did out first gig in ten years on Saturday! Marcus has been playing bass with a group called Bliss, and they asked if we'd like to guest at Saturday's show. The question came while I was out of the country, Marcus accepted in my absence, so we were booked! I had visions of our return being a gentle reintroduction at smokey little club in London, but no, Marcus comes up with a sell out audience (500 folk) and... a castle! Hever Castle in Kent, to be exact, Anne Bolynn's home. There's a theatre in the spectacular grounds, overlooking a lake. It was a beautiful night. Instead of competing with chit chat and smoke, we had sunshine and raucous bird song. We played 4 songs: 'Beads Without a Chain' & 'Heels for Dust’ with two acoustics, then Marcus moving to a beautiful Steinway Grand piano to play 'Alaska' and 'Five Points of Light'. It all went well, and has given me the bug again! (Maybe 2016!)  It was a fine night, for a worthy cause, a children's charity, Demelza House. It was nice to then sit back and watch Marcus play with Bliss, as if I needed reminding what a player he is.
'Limbo' in limbo and needs some finishing touches...will keep you posted.

MC: Hever was indeed a wonderful day and a fitting return to gigging for Trev and I. It was all a bit last minute though and by the time we went on stage my fingers were completely raw from our intense rehearsal period starting at midnight the night before. The gig went very well and we sold out of Cd's, but more importantly it showed that Miracle mile, even in its most cut down state were now a 'live' act...

TJ: Footnote from 2012: the lead singer of Bliss was a certain Lucinda Drayton to whom Marcus is now engaged. That night at Hever was (kind of) the start of a fine romance...

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