Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Top 5: Rob Marsh

Toronto Tim issued a challenge: 
Name your top 5 Miracle Mile/Jones songs.
Why not email me here with your own top 5.

Rob Marsh is a long time 'friend' of MM.
It's great getting these shots and finally putting faces to the folk on my mailing lists; none of you look like you're meant to...
In fact Rob looks strangely like my brother Gareth. 
He too has a magic wand...
Here's Rob's list:

It's REALLY difficult to pick 5 songs from all the great ones that you've recorded AND to put them in the order (even for someone like me who loves making lists- I could have been in High Fidelity). To be honest I think my favorite five songs probably change pretty often but as they stand now here we go:

Quite simply; staggeringly beautiful; wonderful lyrics. It is genuinely one of those songs that will last the test of time and could have been recorded anytime during the last... 30 or so years!

Slow fade was the first MM album that I bought and Starwatching was the first MM song that I fell in love with. I know that it sounds like a real cliché but this is a song to get reflective to, late at night, glass of something alcohol in hand, staring out of the window....thinking about what went right, what went wrong, the ones that stayed, the ones that got away... that sort of thing!

Malkovitch (Anywhere But Here)
This is a personal one for me and probably sounds strange. I brought the album "Alaska" just after my daughter Ellen was born in 2005. One of my big regrets in life is that my mum died two years previously and never saw her.  This song always reminds me of the joy of Ellen being born and the sadness of my mum not being here. It's an amazing song that can capture that mix of emotions.

Walking John Wayne
And talking of cliché's where MM are concerned (and something that I'm sure you're tired of hearing!), there is a world where you've sold a shedload of records and where this was a massive hit record or least played to death by Radio 2!!!!

I Showed You the River
Again another stunning song, lyrically and musically beautiful. I remember Keepers arriving through the post earlier than planned on my 46th Birthday (Yes I really am that old). The kids and wife had gone to bed and I put the album on (Life is great with two small kids but finding the time to sit and just absorb music  can be tricky!). I remember thinking "Can this be as good as Hopeland?". Then I thought "This is good". Then this came on and absolutely blew me away.
There are so many more I could have added. 
Ask me again in a week and they probably will have changed. 

Oh no, I left out Way Back When...

I actually first discovered Miracle Mile when I read a review of Slow Fade in one of the Music monthlies (not sure which one) and thought "Like the sound of that" and took a punt on it (These were the days before you could go on line and here songs... well the days that I discovered that you could!!!). 
It was a gamble I never regretted.
More than happy to be connected to the rest of the MM community. 
My e-mail address is
And attached is a picture, please don't scream! It's 3 years old, the expression looks manic and apologies for the pyrotechnics!
It has been great fun doing this and given me an excuse to spend an evening listening to MM/Trevor Jones, (not that I need one).

Rob Marsh

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  1. Excellent choice Rob... and you really do look like Trev's brother.