Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lovesong: Bruce Springsteen: Blood Brothers: If I Should Fall Behind

I know that Bruce Springsteen splits opinion; many baulk at the bombast; I much prefer his quieter moments myself, but admire the man's integrity and focus.
I just found this video of Blood Brothers and thought I'd share it with you; it's not his greatest song, or performance, but offers a lovely insight of (older) men at work and still loving it... "stayed up all night Earnie Fritz"; and the band sounds great; The Boss seems as excited about the drumming as me... I have to admit that I could have done without the lecture on 'the bleeding obvious' at the end of the video (is it manager Jon Landau?), but then I came across this version of 'If I Should Fall Behind' and it knocked me sideways; mostly because of Clarence's strangely beautiful voice; but at the end, the whole band of brothers "shared understanding of a world" schtick suddenly comes into glorious focus...
"Peace, Love, Soul" indeed.


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  2. That's Chuck Plotkin yacking in the "Blood Brothers" documentary, made in 1996, reuniting the band 8 years after 'Tunnel', to record the extra tracks for the greatest hit LP. It was on TV years ago, I was still pissed with Bruce, releasing 2 beer coasters after he went 'Hollywood', but the band seemed to hold no grudge... lots of love in the studio while recording the 4 tracks. I recall being impressed at how graceful and diplomatic Bruce was, allowing the boys (and Yoko) full input into selecting songs for the album and getting the mixes on the new songs just right. Defending Chuck, in the context of the film, everyone was so thrilled to be together again, there was a lot of adoration going on, and I think anyone would be babbling incoherently in the company of that bunch. BTW: Ernie Fritz was the bio director. Amazon selling DVD for $3.95, think I'll add to my shopping cart!

    PS: I partially retract my harsh remarks about Lucky Town. It had "If I Fall Behind" on it, one of my "immortal wounds"...

    "The hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away, Making a fool's joke out of the promises we make, And what once seemed back and white turns to so many shades of grey."
    "But the stars are burning bright like some mystery uncovered, I'll keep moving through the dark with you in my heart, My blood brother."

  3. Yup, I tried to comment on/retract my graceless criticism of Chuck above but managed to 'delete' my comment; I recognise that the 'band of brothers' is a family that extends beyond that famous front line. Agree about the 'two beermats'; raucous and rambling; though one or two moments... what's that song about catfish on the end of his line? I liked that one...

  4. Hee! Your a little off mate. That was the title track of The Rising! But I think maybe there was a catfish song on Human Touch, currently residing in my boxes of crap CD's in the basement. Can't be bothered to 'fish' it out! Pretty sure it's still down there, not been used for a skeet target... May the Boss forgive me!
    PS: I don't know if you did it intentionally, but both videos; lyrics apropos and poignant bearing in mind Danny and the Big Man's passing. "Racing In The Streets" Danny's organ playing in my head...

  5. Maybe it was 'With Every Wish'... and yup, I guess the intention of my post was to highlight that 'brotherhood' vibe. Genuine and moving....

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  7. Snowed in and snug in bed this clip brought a lump to the throat,
    Ive never heard Clarence sing solo before. Reminiscing the 'Born' tours of '85 4 hour long gigs. Wembley on A.I.D... July 4th of course,(no prizes for his opening song) Leeds and 2 consecutive nights in Newcastle, absolutely exhausting but pure exhileration ! We hung on every available morsels of video clips night after night after night... ha, how technology has changed. Next, Wembley Arena in the period of Bruce with a new band, E Street sadly greatly missed and finally May 2008 at The Emirates...over a quarter of a century of pure magic.
    Hats off to Danny and the big man Clarence.... and I bow to the Boss man himself. BRUUUCE!

    PS. Thanks for Ghost of Song by the love love *****