Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Top 5: Eric (from Canada)

Toronto Tim issued a challenge: 
Name your top 5 Miracle Mile/Jones songs.
Here's Eric (from Canada) seen right, mustachioed and spinning discs with Toronto Tim...

I found this to be a real challenge. It was extremely difficult to only select five songs without feeling like I am somehow degrading the others. 
This is simply not true!  
There are so many songs I would like to put on the list, but since I am limited I will attempt to comply
In no particular order here are my favorites: 
Anyone counting?

- The Dust Will Shape Your Sins
- Lights Of Home
- Five Points Of Light
- Falling Man
- Hopeland
- To Tell You The Truth 
- Papillon

1 comment:

  1. As stated already, this is difficult as I have found so many songs appeal to different moods in varying situations. So, taking those that I tend to listen to most, I would place them thus:-

    1. Five Points of Light - I love the lyrics to this song. It is the kind of song I would long to write if I had that talent.
    2. Alaska - Terrific introduction and all round beautiful song.
    3. Sunburst Finish - Another stunning introduction with clever use of language. Love it!
    4. Yuri's Dream - That guitar just makes my toes curl! Enough said!
    5. Milk Moustache - this is such a beautiful portrayal of a familiar home scene that I feel I was there. Couldn't help smudging my own top lip!

    So there they are, but such stunners as Weatherwise, Cinnamon Chair, etc, etc, ride hot on their heels. One of my greatest pleasures is listening to music and some of my favourite songs are those of Miracle Mile. Thanks, Trevor, keep those amazing songs coming.