Friday, 17 February 2012

Lovesong: John Prine: Lake Marie

I watched Elvis Costello's excellent 'Spectacles' show last night featuring Ray LaMontagne, Lyle Lovett and John Prine. Prine sang a song 'Lake Marie' which was pretty amazing. It had a narrative that flitted between mythology and mundanity; murder and sausages... all of which added to give the song a strange potency.
Although I have what is probably the best Prine Anthology 'Great Days', it didn't contain the song; the only recorded versions I could find were from 'Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings' and 'Live on Tour'; both band versions which are great but don't have the same kick as when he sings it solo.
This first take is the 'smallest' version I could find (from a while back), and man, it's sizzling...
Beneath it I've posted the three songs from the 'Spectacles' show.
Prine is heartbreakingly decrepit but nails the song (even if his guitar seems to have been tuned by me).
If you only have time for one song, please listen to that version (2nd one down).
Great turns too from Lyle Lovett and grumpy Ray ("I love mankind, I just hate assholes") LaMontagne...

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