Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mr Cliffe's Right Hand: 'Goodbye': Steve Earle

Marcus has played with many fine folk and I'm going to post some of his finest moments here (and one or two that he'd might want to keep quiet about).
This seems timely seeing as I featured Steve Earle yesterday; here's a fungus faced Marcus playing upright bass with Mr Earle, Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois on Jools Holland's 'Later' show. 
The other hired hand (on dobro) is the talented Matt Backer, a good mate of Marcus and myself, who we're hoping will guest on the new MM album.
Here they tackle Earle's exquisite song, 'Goodbye'.
Marcus remembers the session well:

"I remember getting the call from Steve’s management wanting some sort of reference to get me the gig. I gave them the names of the session musicians in Nashville I’d worked with, mainly pedal steel supremo Paul Franklin. Pauls’ recommendation was all that was required for me to get the gig.
Steve turned up at Nomis  studio’s in Shepherds Bush like a whirlwind, a man obviously running on Duracell batteries. Without further ado his tech/manager handed him his guitar and off we launched into the first of half a dozen songs from his new acoustic CD. 
Everything sounded fine by Steve so after a couple of hours the whirlwind left in the manner in which he’d arrived. Matt (Backer) and I finally exhaled.
I think we did a small gig somewhere the day after, I can’t remember exactly but the day after that we arrived at BBC Wood Lane to do 'Later with Jools Holland'. The day started as normal; we set up; hung around a lot; did a few camera/sound rehearsals; everything as normal. Then Emmylou and Daniel (Lanios) turned up, they were on the same show. It became apparent very quickly that Steve and Emmylou were good friends and, more to the point, Steve had written a track on her latest album.
By this time it was the end of the day and we were getting ready to record the show live, I was just putting on my frock for the evening’s performance and Steve came in and said ‘we’re going to do a song with Emmylou and Daniel’, so with 5 minutes to spare before the show I found myself in the corridor with Steve and Emmy Lou learning ‘Goodbye’"

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