Monday, 20 February 2012

My Top 5: Dippy Di

Toronto Tim issued a challenge: 
Name your top 5 Miracle Mile/Jones songs.
Why not email me here with your own top 5.

Di Holmes is my girlfriend of 25 years.
She's a photographer and fashion consultant.
See her work here.

As you can see she recently had a bathing 'incident' with some super glue and my favourite guitar... regardless of the impediment, she still manages to live a fairly normal life.

She's a little biased as you'll see.
Her math isn't too good either; asked for her top 5 she's delivered... 13.
Hence her nick name.
Here's Dippy:

Hi, I'm Trev's lady, Di.
When asked to name my top 5 favourite Miracle Mile/Jones songs I thought I'd never manage it... there are so many and so many brilliant songs, how could I possibly narrow it down to 5? 
That's when I decided to cheat a little... 
I'd do my top 5 favourite songs of the songs that were written with (I think) me in mind... cool!
Be prepared; this may get a bit saccharine...

First up... 
Girl on a Bridge... I'm pretty sure this one's about me. 
Trev & I met in 1986 at the squash club fancy dress party in Muswell Hill where Trev worked as an assistant manager. I was a dancer in those days and a little while after the 'pow wow' moment, I jetted off to Holland to do an 8 week TV series. I was gutted to be flitting off so soon but loved my job, who wouldn't?  After 2 weeks of pining and endless phone calls I couldn't wait to see him, so as a surprise I flew back to the Uk and went straight to the club. I rang to tell him to go out into the car park. Meanwhile, I was hiding at the top end. I whistled his every step as he came towards me. I can still see the delight on his face now as I, hands on hips danced for him.
Just for the record... love at first sight definitely does exist!

Guggenheim... I'd whisked Trev away to New York for a surprise 40th birthday celebration. 
A few days after we got back I walked in through the front door from a days work to be greeted by Trev sitting on the sofa, guitar in hand. I stood in hat, scarf and gloves  and listened to this beautiful song. 
As he strummed his last note, I stood there quite speechless, (doesn't happen often), and neither of us had a dry eye. 
A very special memory, making this a very precious song.

Pigeon Pair... After living together in a small one bedroom flat for near on 12 years, we moved to a quaint cottage in a country village and instead of overlooking a car park our bedroom looked onto a water meadow full of horses, rising up to woods that stood majestically like mountains. We couldn't believe our luck. I still sing the lovely line about sitting in our "own square of moonlight" as the moon shines through the window.

I Showed You the River... Being an absolute lover of mountains we bought a house in one of the most stunning places on earth, Corsica. Trev has penned many songs there, this being one of them. It's not about me but the lyrics describe a fabulous walk that we went on. Whenever I hear it I'm transported back. "Bread and cheese and kisses waited for us there"... and... "The kisses, oh the kisses, I couldn't get my fill". 

Papillon... The lyrics are spot on in this poignant song. Written whilst spending Christmas on the beautiful isle. Trev had secretly practised with friends Gregg and Suzi so that they were familiar with the chorus. Christmas morning arrived and the three of them serenaded me... it was the best Christmas present ever! 
Favourite line from this one, makes me go all goosey... "I don't place her in my songs but she's always there, you'll always find her there". Aaaaaah!

As a secret bonus track... oh sorry am I bending the rules a little? 
There's a song that brings a tear to my eye. 
It hasn't t been recorded and only a handful of folks would know it. 
It's called Dippy Di and the lyrics go something like this...

Dippy Di, Dippy Di,
She's got big ears, she's got big thighs.
Oh Dippy Di.
Dippy Di, Dippy Di,
She's got big ears, she's got big thighs.
Oh Dippy Di,
Oh Dippy, Dippy, Dippy Di, 
Oh Dippy, Dippy, Dippy Di.

One of his masterpieces, I'm sure you'll agree.

So, there you have it. 
However, if you're annoyed that I've cheated, here are my all time favourites... not including any of the above.

Star Watching.
Boo Said.
Under my tongue.
Five points of light.

Sorry, I'm about to cheat again... I have to add another two. They are blasts from the past, but this post wouldn't be right without them being mentioned... Whiskey Kisses and Walking John Wayne.
And just one more... Probably the most beautiful, sad and heartfelt song is The Falling Man, written after 9/11. If you've never heard it then you must... click here to download the song.
I mostly have the privilege of being around when the songs are born so it's always interesting to hear the end result. 
Hats off also to Trev's partner in crime, the very brilliant Marcus Cliffe, who's musical talents are endless. He's also one of the nicest's blokes and would do anything for anybody... a real gem and we're lucky that he's our friend.
I'm proud of my darling and am excited about all the songs that have yet to be written... just need to make sure I get at least another one in the bag.


  1. She can never play by the rules!! Good choice, we will do our soon.
    And by chance the boys sung the Dippy Di song yesterday, must have taken hours to pen that one!

  2. Were the stomach pumps needed after 'Di's Delight'?

  3. Finally!!! A beautiful young lass checks in! It was becoming very much like Spinal Tap... all middle-age men in attendance!
    I'm belatedly offering a "bubbling under" section so your numbers add up perfectly. This ain't rocket science.
    I knew modest Trev might be ticklish when I presented this whimsical project and Di, your sweet and gracious words should have him blushing for days...
    Thanks for being so naked... with your comments!

  4. That's not the photo I mailed... I'm sure I had clothes on!
    However, this one was taken by my very talented best bud Lindsey. Check out her website by clicking the top comment link.
    For everyone's info,Trev is writing the most beautiful song. It doesn't have a title yet but will no doubt be a favourite on his future album.
    Love Dips.

  5. You put up a picture of a beautiful guitar and it doubles the number of 'hits'.
    Go figure....