Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Top 5: David Ashley (Friend of Rachel Worth)

Toronto Tim issued a challenge: 
Name your top 5 Miracle Mile/Jones songs.
Why not email me here with your own top 5.

David Ashley is a long time Miracle Mile 'friend' and runs his own fine site, Cathedrals of Sound.
He describes himself as: "a 40 something with a soft spot for pop songs with jangly guitars and pretentious lyrics." 
Why not contact him at:

DAVID (Friend Of Rachel Worth) - Top 5 MM/Jones Songs:

- WALKING JOHN WAYNE - because this song followed me and my future wife as we drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and like all the best songs manages to sound effortless.

- MILK MOUSTACHE - because of the slightly off kilter Penguin Cafe Orchestra backing.

- LIGHTS OF HOME - because I'm a sucker for songs with 'home' in the title and this is somehow hopeful, nostalgic, regretful and peaceful all wrapped up in 4 mins.

- GHOSTWRITTEN - because it is the perfect tribute to a singer and the joy of inspiration.

- WHAT KATE DID NEXT - because it is a great pop song.

- BODY 19 - okay it is 6 but I do like songs about other artists and the 'ba da ba bas' do me every time.

- HOPELAND - just realized I've completely ignored the 2 Jones LPs!!! 
Will have to add in 'Hopeland' because it is simply a classy song!


  1. Come on David,I know we share very similar tastes in music,but you've managed to get 4 of my top 5 in your choices!
    Isn't 'Walking John Wayne'doing well.Most people have put it in their top 5 or 6 or 7
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi phil
    My does change a bit depending on the weather but wjw is always there

  3. So glad you chose Body 19 David. Trev's voice sounds great on this track and I love the piano sound.
    It made me google Sam Cooke and order his story for my kindle.

  4. Music History 101 - Thanks for Body 19 education.
    Nice to see the face of FORW... cute couple!
    Hello to Tel Aviv Phil, always enjoy eavesdropping on your informed chats with the boys...

  5. Hi Di I did feel a bit cheaty choosing 2 pre marcus tracks! For a slowish song it is a great sing along (as me and judi have often tested out). i do like songs about other artists (it is that need for meaning) but I was never sure who it was about so when i did(I had to send an early fan email when the mm website first appeared) I was also straight on to Google

    Hi Tim - no one wears a jumper tied round his waist like me - you can see a smidgen of our boy Damian in the bakground who looks infinitely cooler in a wetsuit!

  6. You googled Sam for a kindle?
    What would a 20th century man make of that?