Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lovesong: Valentine's Day

This is a pretty obvious post but I looked on my ipod for the best song I had entitled 'Valentine's Day'. Seeing as everything has been rendered soulless by the commerciality of the day (humbug) I thought that I'd look for something that was a little rough around the edges; it was a toss up between Bruce Springsteen (because I couldn't find a video of Hem's brilliant version of his song) or Steve Earle's raggedy beauty with the Fairfield Four groaning away in the background...
I couldn't decide so here are both versions...


  1. To my hot bit of stuff,
    I won't forget today in a hurry... making pasta from scratch for the first time... a Laurel & Hardy moment!

    Thank you for a house full of roses and 25 very happy Valentine's.
    Love You

  2. Hey! I e-mailed "V.D." to Myrna last night on the other side of the world. I debated sending the lovely piano version, but opted for the swelling synths, chimes, lonely guitar ending of the studio take. "What scares me is losing you" - Immortal wound...
    PS:I can't believe you've got that Hem covers EP!!! Great band, eh?

  3. I've loved Hem since 'Rabbit Songs'.
    They make beautiful what could be maudlin and twee; in that element they remind me of The Innocence Mission who could and should sound like sunday school teachers but never fail to move me...