Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sprout Shout: Halloween, Alaska: Telling Me

Reading your missives; there seems to be a common love of all things Nile and Sprout.
I'm really missing Paddy Mac's swoon-some voice and songs.
In his absence (and while we hold our breath in the hope that all is well) I'm hoping that some of you might guide me towards similar stuff.
MM often got the 'Sounds Like Prefab Sprout' nod (maybe not so now) and I know that there are a lot of folk who have been inspired by the Sprouts.
I'll be posting the ones that I like (or that you turn me onto) here.
I won't 'biog' the bands; let's hope that you're inspired to do some sprout searching for yourself.
First up is the brilliantly monikered 'Halloween, Alaska'.
This 'video' for 'Telling Me' is just a still, but have a listen and tell me that Paddy's not in the room...

There's a thing that PM does when he sings; it's as if he's searching for the most beautiful way to phrase a line; he'll repeat it with a slightly different lilt, a minuscule change in melody or emphasis; then when you know he's nailed it, he'll repeat it again, just to confirm to you that... he knows that you know.
For me, the listener, there's a strange alchemy to those moments; and there's such a moment towards the end of 'The Four Corners', a song from Halloween, Alaska's self titled debut, where the singer seems to be testing the air with a lyric "I found the one to keep" producing one of those golden 'Sprout Shout' moments. Is it just me?
Have a listen, it's about 5 minutes in...



    Try this for size, it's as close as you can get i think....!

    All the best guys..


  2. Blimey yes, sounds like an out take from 'Swoon'...

  3. Hi Trev
    I got to say I really miss both Prefab & Blue Nile, I know paddy is doing something this year, or so I have read somewhere and Paul has a solo album coming out this year too...!
    So all is not lost..!
    Geoff out...!