Friday, 3 February 2012

Toronto Tim Says: Tributaries of the Blue Nile

This, just in from Toronto Tim, came as an email rather than a blog but I'm sure that he won't mind me sharing. I've chosen to feature a curious Blue Nile duet with Rickie Lee Jones 'Flying Cowboys', and, up first, my favourite unrecorded BN song 'Meanwhile'. 
If PB doesn't record the song soon I'm going to call it mine...

"Paul Buchanan's voice can break your heart and heal it in the course of one song."

Welcome to "Tributaries of the Blue Nile." 

Music enriches life and makes it worth living and some music transcends the ordinary and connects like a lover or an old friend. 
That is the special beauty of Paul Buchanan and the Blue Nile. 
Once it connects, it is like a gift that will be treasured for the rest of your life. 
It has been said of Paul Buchanan's voice that it can break your heart and heal it in the course of one song. 
I have tried to put together some their material that was never released, so that you can tide yourself over until, with luck, we're graced with more music from them. 
This is music that will touch you; like hearing a story and connecting more closely with someone you deeply care about. 
So relax and enjoy music that will captivate your soul. 
Falling in love shows you have a heart, loving the Blue Nile shows you have impeccable taste.

Perhaps you've already found this 'channel' on Youtube.
If not, it's a neat place to find about 100 hard to find Blue Nile clips, all in one spot, lovingly compiled by "MrSherco12".  
Most clips are "AUDIO ONLY" but have been selected for superior sound quality. 
Videos will shuffle through in order once you click on one. 
For an easier scroll, click "UPLOADED VIDEOS" on right side.

There are a few interesting audio clips I hadn't seen: 

- Meanwhile (featured below) - (live Manchester) - a much cleaner audio version than the earlier Dublin posting. Crank volume. Sweet!
- Seasons of Light - from Seasons of Light Christmas Album (pricey item on - not an obvious Xmas tune... pretty.
- Silent Night - obvious Xmas tune from same album. Pure sincerity! Bit late in the season to find this one. 
- Everyone's Gonna Be Saved - duet with Lois Walden (of 'Sisters Of Glory') - an OK gospel song.
- Strangers In The Night (live) - Sinatra cover - superior audio clip compared to the old video.
- PB reads WB Yeats poetry - Huh? 
- Stay Close (instrumental version) - I actually prefer this to the original. PB testifying "Yeah, Yeahs" a bit much for me. OK shoot me!
- All The Way (live) - Sinatra cover
- Manchester Hall 1991 (live) - for BBC - immaculate audio! Sadly emasculated after a few songs.
Complete Albert Hall and Bottom Line gigs
- Wish You Well, Lolita, New York Man - still enjoy these fine b-sides  


  1. Seeing The Blue Nile in Edinburgh '86 was a religious experience....

  2. I had a similar visitation in the late 80s at the Albert Hall and, more recently. with PB solo in Hammersmith. Theirs is a strange alchemy...